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    Provocation is a circumstance determined to be sufficiently upset-ting to a criminal or civil defendant as to provide a full or partial explanation or excuse for otherwise actionable behavior (see ‘‘Extreme Emotional Disturbance’’ and ‘‘Mitigation’’).

    Drogin, Eric Y., et al. Handbook of forensic assessment: Psychological and psychiatric perspectives. Vol. 209. John Wiley & Sons, 2011.

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    Something (such as words or actions) that arouses anger or animosity in another, causing that person to respond in the heat of passion.

    DePalma, Aahren R. “I couldn’t help myself-my culture made me do it: the use of cultural evidence in the heat of passion defense.” Chicana/o-Latina/o L. Rev. 28 (2009): 1.

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    Provocation is definedas the act of inciting another to do something

    Barksdale, J. “Commonwealth of Virginia v. WG Loving, The.” Va. L. Reg. 13 (1907): 249.

“provocation is defined as ‘some act, or series of acts, done by the dead man to the accused which would cause a reasonable person, and did actually cause the accused, a loss of control rendering him so subject to passion as to make him or her not master of his mind“.R v Duffy [1949] 1 All ER 932. Cited in: Howe, Adrian. "A ‘Right to Passions’? Compassion’s Sexed Asymmetry and a Minor Comedy of Errors." Law and Critique 23.2 (2012): 83-102.