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    A common name for a marriage that is legally ended.

    California Superior Court. “English Legal Glossary” (2005)

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    Divorce is a legal dissolution of a marriage by a court. Also termed dissolution of marriage.

    National Center for State Courts. “Glossary of Commonly Used Court & Justice System Terminology”, Rev. 2/8/11 (2011)

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    Divorce is defined as a legal dissolution of a marriage, either due to a party’s inappropriate actions or due to a party’s articulated desire to abandon the union.

    Drogin, Eric Y., et al. Handbook of forensic assessment: Psychological and psychiatric perspectives. Vol. 209. John Wiley & Sons, 2011.

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    The ending of a marriage by a court order. In Alaska, the term "divorce" also refers to the contested proceeding used to divorce, as opposed to the un-contested proceeding used to divorce, called a dissolution.

    Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. “Women’s Legal Rights Handbook” (2015)