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    The act of bringing to an end; termination. The dissolution of a marriage or other relationship.

    National Center for State Courts. “Glossary of Commonly Used Court & Justice System Terminology”, Rev. 2/8/11 (2011)

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    The act of ending, terminating or winding-up a company or partnership.

    Peter English, Surry Partners Lawyers. “Glossary of legal terms” (2009)

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    A mutual agreement to end a marriage, which results in the parties being divorced. Both people must agree on all terms regarding the division of property and debt, as well as the custody and visitation or parenting plan if they have children together.

    Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. “Women’s Legal Rights Handbook” (2015)

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    A marriage that is ended by a judge's decision, also known as a "divorce."

    California Superior Court. “English Legal Glossary” (2005)