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    A formal, written agreement that creates a legal obligation. For example, a property developer might add a covenant to every block of land in a subdivision to stop anyone building a house there unless it is made of brick.

    Victoria Law Foundation. “Legal glossary” (2015)

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    Covenant is an agreement in writing, signed and delivered, by which one party (the covenantor) pledges to the other (the covenantee) that something is either done, shall be done, or shall not be done, or stipulates for the truth of certain facts. The term is currently used primarily with respect to promises in instruments relating to real estate.

    Parlee McLaws LLP. “Glossary Of Common Financial and Legal Terms”, 4th ed.

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    In modern law, covenant is defined as "a promise or agreement under consideration, or guaranteebetween two parties, and the seal or symbol of guarantee is that which distinguishes covenantfrom modern contract."

    Elazar, Daniel J. “Federal models of (civil) authority.” Journal of Church and State 33.2 (1991): 231-254.

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    Concerning real property, a "covenant" is defined as "an agreement by deed to do or notto do some particular act."

    Jowanna, Matthew J. “Restrictions against the Use of Hurricane Shutters: Are They Enforceable after Hurricane Andrew.” Nova L. Rev. 17 (1992): 1191.

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    'covenant' is defined as a contract for future performance

    Finch, Robert Paul. “DEFINING ‘NATURAL RIGHTS’: A PROBLEM AND SOLUTION CONSIDERED.” The Southern Journal of Philosophy 13.3 (1975): 287-295.

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    Action of covenant is defined as "[t]he nameof a common law form of action ex contractu, which lies for the recovery of damages for breachof a covenant, or contract under seal."

    Black’s Law Dictionary 327 (5th ed. 1979)

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    Covenant is defined as a "binding agreement like a contract"

    Rios-Martinez, Marie. “Congressional Colonialism in the Pacific: The Case of the Northern Mariana Islands and its Covenant with the United States.” Scholar 3 (2000): 41.

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    A covenant is defined as a reciprocal relationship based on ties that bind individuals to theircommunities and communities to their members

    Kanter, 1968. Cited: Cohen, Aaron, and Eran Vigoda-Gadot. “3. An Empirical Assessment of the Relationship Between General Citizenship and Work Outcomes1.” Citizenship and Management in Public Administration: Integrating Behavioral Theories and Managerial Thinking (2004): 61.


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    In general, a covenant is defined as an agreement between two parties in which one or both make promises to do (or not to do) certain actions that are described in advance.

    Vallet, Ronald E. The Steward Living in Covenant: A New Perspective on Old Testament Stories: Includes Dramas and Choral Readings by Wanda Vassallo. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2001.

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    At its root, a covenant is defined as an agreement enacted betweentwo parties in which one or both make promises under oath to perform or to refrainfrom performing certain actions stipulated in advance.

    Brown, Sherri. God’s Promise: Covenant Relationship in John. Paulist Press, 2014.

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    Covenant is defined as divine act followed bygenuine obedient human action

    Holmström, Sarah. The Eclipse of the Baptismal Narrative: Thinking With and Beyond Karl Barth on Baptism. Diss. University of St. Michael’s College, 2012.