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Copy of When a judge or jury finds a criminal defendant guilty.

California Superior Court. “English Legal Glossary” (2005)

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    Conviction is defined as “the act or process of judicially finding someone guiltyof a crime; the state of having proved guilty”

    Garner, B. A. (2004). Black’s law dictionary (8th ed.). St Paul, MN: Thomson West

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    Conviction is a judgment of guilty following a verdict or finding of guilty, a plea of guilty, or a plea of nolo contendere.

    National Center for State Courts. “Glossary of Commonly Used Court & Justice System Terminology”, Rev. 2/8/11 (2011)

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    The state of having been found guilty of a criminal offense.

    Drogin, Eric Y., et al. Handbook of forensic assessment: Psychological and psychiatric perspectives. Vol. 209. John Wiley & Sons, 2011.

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    Conviction - the court’s judgment that the defendant is guilty of a criminal offense, based on the verdict of a judge or jury, or on the defendant’s plea of guilty of no contest.

    Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. “Women’s Legal Rights Handbook” (2015)

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    A judgment of guilty upon a plea of guilty or at the end of a trial finding defendant guilty.

    Missouri Press-Bar Commission. “News Reporter’s Legal Glossary” (2009)

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    A judgment of guilt against a criminal defendant.

    State Bar of Wisconsin. “News Reporters’ Legal Handbook”, 6th Ed. (2013)

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