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    1. One who administers the estate of a person who dies without a will. 2. A court official.

    National Center for State Courts. “Glossary of Commonly Used Court & Justice System Terminology”, Rev. 2/8/11 (2011)

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    In probate law, a person appointed by the court to settle the estate of a person who has died. Now known as a “personal representative” in Missouri. Is referred to as an “executor” in some states (i.e. Kansas).

    Missouri Press-Bar Commission. “News Reporter’s Legal Glossary” (2009)

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    A male/female person appointed by the Court to manage the estate of a deceased person who did not appoint an executor under his or her will. Legal writers now generally use administrator to refer to someone of either sex.

    Parlee McLaws LLP. “Glossary Of Common Financial and Legal Terms”, 4th ed.

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    (1) Someone who takes legal responsibility for the possessions of a person who has died without making a will or who is still alive but cannot manage their own possessions. For example, an administrator may be appointed to manage the money, house or other possessions of a person who has a severe mental disability. (2) A manager appointed by the directors of a company that is in financial difficulty. This may give creditors a better chance of getting their money back because the company can keep trading under supervised management instead of being wound up.

    Victoria Law Foundation. “Legal glossary” (2015)