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    Net rentable area is the total area available for occupancy by tenantsexcluding stairwells, common areas, and mechanical areas.

    Goddard, G. Jason, and Bill Marcum. “Investing in Retail and Office Property.” Real Estate Investment. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2012. 183-203.

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    Net rentable area is the area [that] includes office areas, shop areas and parking, delivery and conference areas provided for occupiers.

    Payne, L. J. “Office Area Lighting at the Wollongong Government Office Block.” Electric Energy Conference 1989: Electrical Services for Buildings; Preprints of Papers. Institution of Engineers, Australia, 1989.

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    Net Rentable Area (NRA) is defined as the effective area of the building iswhat a tenant is willing to rent and to pay for.

    Trabucco, Dario. “An analysis of the relationship between service cores and the embodied/running energy of tall buildings.” The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings 17.5 (2008): 941-952.

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    Net Rentable Area should include usable square feet plus any applicableprorated common area space.

    Luna, Teresa, Tim Mason, and S. Miller. “LOCATION.” (2010).

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    Net Rentable Area (NRA) of a building included in the transaction, expressed in squarefeet, is an approximation based on verified public records.

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The net rentable area for multifamily structures corresponds to the living area variable for single-family dwellings.

Crone, Theodore M. “Elements of an economic justification for municipal zoning.” Journal of Urban Economics 14.2 (1983): 168-183.

A portion of the space devoted to party, games, and laundry rooms, as well as to a swimming pool, is also counted in the net rentable area.

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